The answer to the burning question “Where Did The Odor Go???

Purr-Fect Air removes unpleasant odors, both inside and outside of your litter boxes. It uses a special fan and an activated carbon filter to remove odors without adding any chemicals to the air.

The white arrows here show a constant flow of fresh room air flowing into the potty box making a refreshing clean air breeze for your furry buddy. They love that.

Kennel Equipped With an Air Sanitizer

Once the air has traveled through the box it is pulled into and through the activated carbon filter where it is purified. 

The blue arrows show the clean fresh air returning back into the room and between kitty’s visits the constant breeze will help dry the litter making it more pleasant for kitty and easier for you to clean up.

You’ll also appreciate the air moving into the box prevents most dust from drifting out into your house. That means less house cleaning for you.

I Love My Purr Purr Purr Purr-Fect-Air