How does the Purr-Fect-Air work?

The Purr-Fect-Air eliminates odors by use of a fan, which causes air to flow into the litter box, where it mixes with the litter odor. Then that air mixture travels through an activated carbon filter that acts as an air sanitzer, which removes the offensive odors. Finally, purified, odor-free air is returned back into the room.

Will my cat accept the Purr-Fect-Air?

In our experience, cats generally ignore the Purr-Fect-Air itself but definitely enjoy its environmental benefits. Just like humans, cats want a clean and pleasant toileting experience. Purr-Fect-Air enhances that experience in several ways. Cats like the greatly reduced odors inside the cat box. Liquid and solid waste tends to dry up more quickly due to the air movement making the litter seem fresher to your cat. Airborne litter dust is collected in the filter so your cat stays cleaner and inhales less litter dust.

How much electricity does the Purr-Fect-Air use?

It will use less than $0.50 per year at average electricity rates.

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Overall, can Purr-Fect-Air save me money?

It certainly can. How much depends on you, your cat, and the new routines you settle into as you gain experience with the features and benefits of Purr-Fect-Air. The most obvious is a reduced need to frequently replace the litter in the box. You can also use less costly, unscented litter. You can save by not needing odor cover-up products. If you use an exhaust fan, you can reduce wasted heat and air conditioning costs by shutting off the fan.

Does my Purr-Fect-Air require any maintenance?

Yes. Periodically the activated carbon litter box filter element needs to be replaced. The exact timing will depend on the rate and volume of odors produced in your individual litter box. The activated carbon filter will remove a continuous stream of foul odors until the moment it becomes saturated, at which point it will bypass any additional odors back into the room. You will know when that happens. At that point the used-up filter has to be replaced. Some tests show the filters to last, on average, about six months, but this can vary widely depending on individual circumstances.

Besides removing odors, saving money, a happier cat and happier cat owners, what other benefits will Purr-Fect-Air provide?

One of the best benefits will be when friends and family visit. They will enjoy the fresh clean air. Since there is air movement into the litter box, much less litter and dust escapes so the general area remains cleaner.

The Purr-Fect-Air doesn't completely cover the top vent on my litter box, is that OK?

That's perfectly fine. Purr-Fect-Air is so effective that this won't matter at all. For people with open litter boxes, Purr-Fect-Air will do the job even if only placed nearby.

There is still a slight odor near the litter box while my cat is doing his/her business. Is that normal?

Yes, but this will clear up in a short time.

Should I do something with the entrance door on my litter box?

If your litter box has a door, you should remove it unless your cat is shy or totally in love with the door. Removing the door will increase the rate of air movement, speed up drying the litter, and improve the general performance of Purr-Fect-Air.

Are there any cautions I should know about?

There are a few minor things to be aware of. This is not a children's toy. For sanitary reasons, keep children from playing with Purr-Fect-Air. If your litter box is enclosed, it must have a flat and level top with a vent. If the top is slanted in any way, the Purr-Fect-Air may slide off the top. In rare cases, fur from long-haired cats may cover the bottom screen and restrict air flow. If this happens, just gently remove and discard most of the hair.

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