Based in Ridgefield, New Jersey, Purr-Fect-Air is a cat sanitation product designed by a husband-and-wife team who are animal lovers. Our owners, Joe and Cynthia, have always had a number of cats and tried numerous different ways to eliminate cat odors. Most of the time, they were fortunate enough to have a separate room for the litter boxes and often used an exhaust fan to keep the smell from permeating the rest of the house.

Two Black and White Cats

Business Experience

Joe and Cynthia have owned other small businesses in the past, including a motorcycle dealership and an electrical contracting business working for electronics manufacturers. Cynthia's background is in commercial art, and Joe is trained in electronics technology. Currently in their early 70s, both have been retired for a number of years and have two cats, a dog, and a parrot.

Idea Inspiration

With active minds and unused business and technical skills, both Joe and Cynthia began more than five years ago to focus on ways to improve their lifestyle and that of their pets. Understanding that the litter odors were a common issue for their pets they came up with our litter box filter system.

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