Kennel Equipped With an Air Sanitizer

It’s Like Magic

Clean, fresh air goes in

“Happy Cat”

Clean, fresh air comes out

“Happy You”

But Where did the smell go?

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Why You'll Love Purr-Fect-Air  Shop Now


  • Stops offensive kitty litter odor
    • Your family, including your cat, will love it
      • Fresh air inside the litter box, makes cleaning more pleasant
        • Attractive and compact design
          • No batteries required
Happy Family with Cat
- Instant installation, no tools or skill required

And A No Risk Money Back Guarantee.
Just return it within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Only $45.50 and Shipping is Free Shop Now

Cat Holding a Banner

What Purr-Fect-Air users say

"The air purifier worked really well! I would love to get some more filters... it made it smell as though there is not a litter box in my kitchen!!"
-Erin F-

"By the way the cat litter filter is working very well actually. Just wanted to let you know."
-Pat D-

"I have two of your units going, constantly, at two of my litter box locations. I really do find that these air purifiers are lessening any stink in my apartment. I am a regular night and day scooper, still having these units is a hugh help."
-Patty M-